the right to be plastic free

Is it even possible?

We're on a mission to determine where in the world it is possible to be plastic free - one city and town at a time. 

We believe that people should be able to take individual action and can choose to be plastic free relatively easily. 

When organic farmers markets look like this.... it's almost impossible to live plastic free in London - especially if you work full time and don't have a generous disposable income. 

We're on a mission to change this. 


the current reality
Follow our 6 Weeks to Plastic Free methodology and you will create your own plastic free routine that's easy and manageable. 
 But there's no denying there are some items that are almost impossible to find.  Even organic farmers markets have produce covered in plastic.  
There needs to be a huge shift by retailers to ensure that if someone chooses to be plastic free, they can be.
good bye local high streets 

1 to 9

Depending on your regular supermarket shop you will have to visit multiple shops - usually between 1 to 9. 

berries, loose leaf 

rip off plastic and leave it 
shoot off an email
fresh culture 
reliance on delivery
post on Social media
Here's a snapshot explaining why even if you choose to be plastic free - it will be imperfect and why we need to create a greater demand for plastic free options in our supermarkets and shops.