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Bachelors of Medical Science and Laws
Health Coach, Human Potential Institute 

Jacqui is a Sustainability Consultant and former environmental lawyer, passionate about human health and the health of this beautiful planet. In addition to Six Weeks to Plastic Free she is mapping all landfills within 500m of the Mediterranean through her not-for-profit Tourists Against Trash


She's a mum of two girls, who has been living the joys and frustrations of zero waste in both London and Sydney and whilst travelling for 18 months in Europe, Asia the US.

Currently trying to catch 3 waves a day and learning to ride a moped so she can access landfill sites on Mediterranean islands without having to hike in the summer heat. 

"you never regret a swim" 

Jacqui is on a mission to convert a global community to quit plastics and embrace an imperfectly plastic free, modern amish lifestyle. She created Six Weeks to Plastic Free to make zero waste easy, efficient and aspirational and fit into mainstream life.


Her message is for people to get real about their waste and where it ends up, take responsibility for not contributing to the global plastic pollution problem and get rewarded with all the benefits of living their values and the many perks of being zero waste (hello #shelfgoals). 

Despite a career advising government and corporations (as an environmental lawyer at DLA Piper and sustainability consultant), she's shifted her focus to collaborative individual action. Although governments need to solve the plastic pollution problem, individual action is the driving force that will get them to address it.  

Like most people, Jacqui grew up thinking recycling worked, that we already lived in a circular economy and that beaches were clean (as many of them still are in Australia). It wasn't until she travelled to Greece and saw landfills on the water's edge, cleaned 40 bags of trash of a beach and didn't even make a dent and had to teach her 3 year old that it's not normal that sand is blue from micro-plastic that she realised how bad the plastic pollution problem was.

Back in London, where a whole foods diet produces more waste than a processed foods one, she became aware that her own Borough's 'recycling' had been found illegally dumped in Malaysia.  From then on she took on the challenge to see if it was even possible to go plastic free in London - which it almost wasn't, and became an advocate for the right to be plastic free. 


Through the trials and tribulations of going zero waste, she designed a process that would make it efficient for others. Her life motto is "you never regret a swim" and she wants to make sure that never needs an asterisk at the end that qualifies it with "except when the water is full of plastic."

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