Bachelors of Medical Science and Bachelor of Laws
Health Coach, Human Potential Institute 

As a sustainability consultant and former environmental lawyer, I've spent my life believing that it's up to governments and big business to fix the environment. I underestimated the power of the individual. But after cutting my own waste by 400kg per year (and then getting a little excited about extrapolating that out) and seeing the impacts of individual action to drive corporate and government change - I'm committed to empowering individuals to take responsibility for their waste. 

Like most people, I grew up thinking recycling worked, that we already lived in a circular economy and that beaches were clean (as many of them still are in Australia). My work had been focused on climate change. It wasn't until I travelled to Greece and saw landfills on the water's edge, cleaned 40 bags of trash of a beach (which didn't even make a dent) and had to teach my 3 year old that it's not normal that sand is blue from micro-plastic - that I realised how bad the plastic pollution problem is.

What's more - living your values and tacking positive environmental action is fun and brings my family together!  So I'm on a mission to build a global community who are quitting plastics and embracing an imperfectly plastic free, modern amish lifestyle. 


I want to make it easy and efficient for others to go plastic free. Teaching what I've learnt from the joys and frustrations of living zero waste in both London and Sydney and whilst travelling for 18 months in Europe, Asia the US.


I'm passionate about human health and the health of this beautiful planet. In addition to 6 Weeks to Plastic Free I'm mapping all landfills within 500m of the Mediterranean through my not-for-profit Tourists Against Trash

into the ocean i go​
to lose my mind
and find my soul
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Workshops + Appearances
  • The Source Wholefoods, Warriewood - 24 March 20

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